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Life Changing Retreat

Imagine redesigning your life in just one weekend

  • I need to make changes but don’t know how to

Learn how to identify and create the changes you really want to make

  • I decide to make changes although I don’t stick at it

Decide what is important to you and how to make sticking at it easy!

  • My life is generally ok but could be better

Is ok good enough for you?

  • I suffer from a lack of self confidence in the work place or socially

How would a super boost of confidence and self belief feel?

  • I don’t communicate what I want clearly enough

Learn how to open up clear communication to get your desired outcome

  • I have some people in my life who don’t feel as though they are my people

Its ok not to want some people in your life and for you not to be in theirs

  • I have self image issues and compare myself unfavourably to others

Learn how to be truly comfortable and confident with who you are


Why not unplug from everyday life and join us in our amazing coaching space in a glorious medieval castle?

From stepping inside the castle on Friday afternoon, to saying “goodbye” on Monday morning, your weekend will change your life.  We have a full coaching agenda which will stretch and rejuvenate your senses. Sam and I know all about the stuff which holds you back and more importantly how to move you forwards! We are both experienced Master Coaches with a passion for enabling our clients to walk confidently forward into their new lives.

We appreciate how daunting it can be to book into a group weekend away with strangers. With this is mind, we curate your fellow guests to create the best mix of personalities. You may start off as strangers but we assure you that you will leave with new found friends.

Places are limited to 10 guests per weekend retreat to give you the very best experience.

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Only 10 tickets available for each event – book now to bag your spot.

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